Maharishi’s Apaurusheya Bhashya: Exploring the Creative Dynamics of Our Own Consciousness
Fri 5 - Sat 20th July
From £1024 (10% discount on Theme 2 applied)
Cost: From £1024 (10% discount on Theme 2 applied)
Start date: Fri 5 July 7pm - Sat 20 Jul 6pm
Length of course: 15 days
Food: Lunch and Supper options
Accommodation options: Local Meditator, hotel or private arrangements
Discounts: • Use discount code: 'couple' - for 10% reduction of course fees for couples (NB Please add details of any extra people you are booking for on this course in the Notes box, under Additional information, at checkout) • Use discount code: 'repeat' - for 5% reduction of course fees for repeats • You can use both discounts one after the other if conditions apply. Themes 2 & 3 already have 10% reduction of course fees applied.
Prerequisites: Theme 1 should be completed before taking Theme 2
“These talks by Maharishi contain such beautiful and sublime knowledge about the mechanics of creation, and particularly about the process of the TM-Sidhi programme, that all Sidhas should hear them. Already it has transformed the process of my own programme.”  T. G-J, Exeter
“This course is a deep dive into the structure of consciousness on a granular level….”
Mother Divine
Course Leader
Course Leader

Themes 1 and 2

A rounding course featuring Maharishi’s unique uncreated commentary on Rik Veda. 

Maharishi has explained how the TM-Sidhi Programme enlivens in our own consciousness the creative dynamism that governs the universe. This is the Veda.

This rounding course is a precious opportunity to realise the Veda within ourselves, through the extended practice of the TM-Sidhi programme. 

In a special series of talks on his Apaurusheya Bhashya, Maharishi draws our attention into the structure of the Veda. And as we put our attention on this structure, it opens to our awareness. This brings more support of nature for the fulfilment of desires.

In a rare opportunity for couples, these unique courses designed for single men and ladies, are being held concurrently. This allows couples to take the courses at the same time and dine together. NB Please add details of any extra people attending this course in the Notes box (under Additional information) at checkout.

The courses, led by experienced members of Purusha and Mother Divine, are enriched by online discussion of experiences with a Raj Rajeshwari (ladies) and Dr Bevan Morris (men).


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With short 5 min taxi to the Dome (included in fee).
Walking distance to the Dome.
Please contact the course office in advance if this is your preference
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“What a gift... the ability to live our lives better, fuller, effortlessly.”
Seiod Ni Laoire

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