2 weeks
Fri 6th - Fri 20th Jan 2023

Please book/enquire at  the course office 

This is the first  component of the three long weekends which make up Part 1.

This Fast Track Sidhi course is without the normal requirement to learn 4 Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation® before the Sidhis. The Fast Track course is in response to the pressing need for more coherence and peace in national consciousness, which is helpled greatly when more people become Sidhas. Please complete your Advanced Techniques as soon as possible after the Sidhi course.

During the first stages of Yogic Flying™ the body lifts up and moves forward in short hops. Internally, the experience is accompanied by feelings of exhilaration, expanded awareness, lightness, inner freedom and ‘bubbling bliss’, with these qualities carrying over into daily life.

“When I first flew I felt a sense of lightness and amazement…… like a child in wonderment and elation…..”  Mary

” This course was powerful beyond expectation. I feel it has fundamentally shifted my perspective in life and my way of thinking. It has been empowering and inspiring!”  T.E.

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