Meditators’ weekend – online

8pm Fri 2 Sept till 4pm Sun 4 Sept
Minimum course fee:

“A Very enjoyable course, plenty of knowledge & humour and very relaxing. Looking forward to the next one.” – S.T.

• Find out how simply diving within with our twice daily practice of TM nourishes every aspect of our lives.
• Immerse yourself in a weekend of deep rest, knowledge and relaxation.
• Enjoy the benefits of extra meditation, simple and effortless yoga asanas, and interactive sessions for a deeper understanding of your TM practice.

An online course for meditators led by Lewis Walch, our experienced TM teacher who will guide you through the weekend leaving you feeling rested, refreshed and mentally alert.

This course can be used for all Meditators wishing to round and as preliminary rounding/orientation for the TM-Sidhi course. 

If you are a member meditator, please contact the course office to book directly.

“The weekend was brilliant. It helped me reconnect properly with TM … I left feeling relaxed and balanced. Thanks.

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