What is Transcendental Meditation?

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How will I benefit

Over 300 scientific studies show Transcendental Meditation offers a wide range of benefits including:

  • Reduced Anxiety and Depression
  • Lower Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
  • More Energy
  • Increased Brain Function & Creativity
  • Reduced Insomnia
  • Greater Resilience to Stress

“The TM technique works better than other
researched mental techniques to promote health”

Dr James Krag – President of the Psychiatric Society of Virginia and
Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association


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A lifetime of benefits from 3 simple steps:

  • 1. Info session
  • 2. Learn TM
  • 3. Follow up
Step 1

Info session by an accredited TM teacher (1 hour)

You will find out:

  • Why TM is so effective for stress and anxiety
  • What happens during TM
  • Why anyone can practice TM
  • Why does TM work?
  • How TM is different from other meditations

After the info session you can have personal chat with an accredited TM teacher

Step 2

Day 1:

  • Personal instruction (1–2 hours)
  • One-to-one or Individual instruction in the TM technique with an accredited TM teacher
  • TM course fee is required at this step.

Days 2 to 4:

  • Small group sessions (1.5 hours a day)
  • Additional guidance and instruction on the TM technique based on your personal experience.
Step 3

Follow up session (1 hour)

Once you’ve learnt TM you’ll have everything you need to meditate effectively.

The initial fee covers as much personal meditation checking as is required as well as group check-ups during the first six months to ensure that your TM is easy and enjoyable and you are gaining the full benefits.

Learn TM at the Maharishi Dome

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Scientific Research

Transcendental Meditation is the most widely researched technique for self-development in the world today. In the USA, the National Institute of Health has spent $24 million funding long-term research into Transcendental Meditation. More than 600 studies have been conducted over the past 40 years at universities, hospitals, and research institutes worldwide, and published in over 160 scientific and medical journals.

Regular practice of Transcendental Meditation has been found to develop greater mental alertness and wellbeing, faster recovery from stress, slower ageing, improved problem solving, better memory, improved social relations at home and at work, and a wide range of improvements in health, including a 47% reduction in mortality from heart attack, strokes and mortality in coronary patients.

“If this kind of result was observed for a new prescription drug, it would be a billion-dollar industry to make it available to everyone immediately.”

Dr Norman Rosenthal
Renowned psychiatrist and New York Times best selling author

Find out more about TM on the national website

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