TEMPLATE multiple options (meals incl)
Experience the magic of extended programmes in the Maharishi Dome
Fri 29 Dec - Fri 12 Jan
Start date: Friday 29th December
Length of course: 14 days with shorter options
Food: Lunch and Supper
Accommodation options: Local Meditator, hotel or private arrangements

Course Options

Starting Friday 29th of December:
14/7/5/3 days

Starting Friday 5th of January:
7/5/3 days

More flexible options for members.

All course fees have been specially discounted between 15 & 40% in order to maximise participation at this critical time for the world.

For any enquiries and/or to register interest in the meantime, please contact the course office.

All meals (lunch and supper) are included in the price.

  • Enliven inner happiness and energy with a great start to the New Year in the Maharishi Dome
  • This course is designed to produce maximum results in just a few days
  • Deeply restful with Maharishi’s profound knowledge, enjoy powerful group meditations, meetings and lively discussion. Sink into the Dome and enjoy a week in a bubble of bliss with friends, lovely food, peaceful walks
  • Experience our wonderful Dome (over one million meditations to date!)
  • Organic vegetarian meals and opportunities for walks in the beautiful West Lancashire countryside
  • Course led by Bill Stevens who will guide you through the weekend leaving you feeling rested, refreshed and mentally alert
  • Any couples who would like to book a double room, please contact the course office and book through them.
  • Special discounted course fees for members (please book through the course office)

“The dome has such a settled beautiful atmosphere that promotes harmony and well being as soon as you step through the door. It is by far the best place for the best meditations. Attending a course in the dome is a deep and lovely experience of perfection.” – Alan

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“What a gift... the ability to live our lives better, fuller, effortlessly.”
Seiod Ni Laoire

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