“Very much a life changing experience” – Chris Black

Activities and courses in the Maharishi Dome attract a wide range of visitors: young and old; local and far-flung; regulars and first-timers.

It’s location in beautiful West Lancashire, close to air and rail links, and major motorways makes it easily accessible to visitors from around the UK and Europe.

Visitors often stay on after courses to enjoy what the area has to offer: beauty spots; tourist destinations; cultural events; and the friendly welcome of the North.



Why it all began

Mental benefits
Research since 1970 shows that Transcendental Meditation (TM) improves mental performance: calmness; clarity; creativity; decision making.
Community benefits
When 1% of any population practice Transcendental Meditation, crime drops and accidents and hospital admissions decrease.
Creating coherence
Multiple scientific studies demonstrate that practice of TM and the advanced TM-Sidhi programme creates coherence in individual and collective consciousness.
World peace
Group practice of TM and the advanced TM-Sidhi Programme creates an influence of peace in the surroundings. A group of 9000 in one place can create peace in the whole world.
Health benefits
Stress is the root cause of chronic disease and ageing. TM is a natural way to reduce stress, and is compatible with standard medical treatment.
Behavioural benefits
TM improves personal relationships, educational performance, workplace productivity and job satisfaction. It is used in schools, colleges and universities around the world.

The story of the Maharishi Dome

The Maharishi Dome is home to Europe’s first and largest group of meditators practising Transcendental Meditation and the it’s Advanced Programmes. Visit the Golden Dome to experience the power of meditating in Europe’s premier TM centre!

Almost three decades of continuous group meditation have given this unique centre an unrivalled and profound atmosphere of lively stillness.

People from all over the UK and other countries practising Transcendental Meditation move to Skelmersdale to found the community.
Maharishi’s first visit. This historic date was the first time the coherence number of 800 for the UK was reached.
The community contributed to the economic recovery of the Skelmersdale by purchasing Peel House. Many businesses founded there became highly successful such as Mountain Breeze, Uretek, M.A.P. and Buswell Machine Electronics.
The first Maharishi Ayur-Veda Health Centre in the UK opens in Peel House.
The Maharishi Dome is opened by the local MP Kenneth Hind, with a special weekend event attended by over 800 visitors from many parts of the world.
The Maharishi Effect: research shows a 13.4% drop in crime in Merseyside when the Maharishi Dome opened.
The Maharishi Dome receives the highly coveted BURA Award for Best Practice in Urban Regeneration for a positive contribution to economic regeneration.
The Woodley Park Centre is the first public building in the UK designed and built according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda.
There are currently 156 permanent members living in the community at the Maharishi Dome and we welcome hundreds more visitors every year with well over a million meditations having taken place in the Dome since it was built!


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Skelmersdale, Lancashire

A friendly welcome


Our Maharishi Dome staff are dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience during your visit.

Ask and we shall help. Your journey, accommodation, daily activities, comfort and well-being are all arranged by Jo and Rebecca, our quietly dynamic team.

Maharishi Dome has its own special atmosphere. After over a million meditations since it opened, Maharishi Dome has become a haven of peace. As visitors often remark, its silence is palpable.

If you’re thinking of visiting, and want to know more, give us a call – 01695 51617 (Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.), out of hours 01695 50306.

We also welcome visitors who would like to enjoy participating in the daily group meditations.

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Travel Time


London Euston to Wigan North West < 2hrs
Glasgow to Wigan North West < 2 1/2hrs
Edinburgh to Wigan North West < 2 3/4hrs
Manchester to Parbold < 1 hr
Liverpool to Ormskirk < 1/2hr

National Rail


We are right by the M6  < 15 mins from Junctions 26 & 27

By Air

Liverpool John Lennon Airport – 35 mins
Manchester Airport – 40 mins


The Maharishi Dome is supported by its membership programme, which allows the facility to be well maintained and open 365 days of the year.

Membership provides the key benefit of being able to access the Maharishi Dome for meditations and discounts on selected courses.

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“What a gift… the ability to live our lives better, fuller, effortlessly.”
Seiod Ni Laoire

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