Day Course in Dome

A meditators day course in the dome starts from 9.00am and finishes at 6.00pm.

Course participants will enjoy a day of complete rest and rejuvenation beginning with a welcome and explanation of the day. We will be ‘rounding’ together in the morning. This means having a demonstration of a simple, relaxing set of yoga asanas and then practising these together.

This will be followed by a short breathing exercise called pranayama and then we will meditate for our normal length of time together. After a short break, we will repeat that cycle and this is what we call rounding. This gives very deep rest to both mind and body. We will then have a meeting before lunch.

After lunch there will be time for a walk and then an inspiring afternoon meeting with a tape of Maharishi. We will have tea at about 4.00pm and then do one cycle, or round, of asanas, pranayama, meditation before leaving well refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Half day in the Dome

On the half day we will start at 9.00am with a welcome and explanation of the morning, this will consist of a demonstration of a simple set of yoga asanas performed effortlessly and easily. Then we will practise these altogether in two rounds of asanas, pranayama, meditation, rest. This is called rounding. After this there will be a short break and then an inspiring meeting with the course leaders and a tape of Maharishi.

“What a gift... the ability to live our lives better, fuller, effortlessly.”
Seiod Ni Laoire

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