Gandharva Concert in the Dome 8pm Sun 25 Feb

With sarod player Mayukh Gangopadhyay
and tabla accompanist Jyotirmoy Chakrabarty

Gandharva Veda is a part of the Vedas and is called the Upa (subsidiary) Veda of Sama Veda and includes the treatise on music and the performing arts.
The Gandharva Veda is based on melodies called ragas. Each raga has its own structure, combining fixed elements with infinite variations. This allows the musician to express all the subtleties of the vibration prevailing at that particular time of day.

Tickets for the concert will be £12 which can be paid in cash at the door.

Guests not practicing Transcendental Meditation are most welcome.


Mayukh Gangopadhyay is a professional ‘sarod’ player and composer from India following the Maihar Gharana style of music, a disciple of Shri Sohom Chatterjee, Dr. Troilee Dutta, and Pandit Abhik Mukherjee. He has been performing in Europe and India at various noted venues such as Shubh-e-Banaras, International Trade Fair, Kolkata; Peace Palace, The Hague.

Jyotirmoy Chakrabarty, a disciple of Pandit Samar Saha, and the Amsterdam-based Heiko Dijker, known for his rhythmic poetry and global collaborations. Jyotirmoy, a National Scholarship awardee, has showcased his tabla artistry across India




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