Expand your horizons, deepen your experience, enhance your life, with the TM-Sidhi Programme

Experience more fulfilment, energy and creativity by learning the TM-Sidhis, a life-changing advanced TM programme offered at the Golden Dome. Become a Sidha at the Maharishi Dome!


Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation® effortlessly and naturally opens the mind to the most fundamental level of human awareness. The TM-Sidhi Programme® cultures the ability to think and act from this most basic and powerful level.

Henry Brighouse TM teacher discusses the Sidhis

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The amazing benefits of the Sidhis

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“From the first weekend of the course my meditation practice has deepened and I transcend immediately. I have had truly amazing experiences and my life has changed immeasurably. Awesome!”

Sarah Codman

By learning to function from the state of Transcendental Consciousness, the mind gains increasing support from the organising intelligence of nature. People who have learned the TM-Sidhi Programme often comment that it significantly enhances the benefits of Transcendental Meditation, improving health, increasing happiness and enhancing their ability to gain support from nature to fulfil desires.

The TM-Sidhi programme accelerates you towards the realisation of your full potential, the state of enlightenment.

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Maharishi indicates that the TM-Sidhi programme results in greater skill in action, the ability to fulfil one’s own desires while simultaneously promoting the evolution of everyone. The TM-Sidhi programme, which includes Yogic Flying™, is a series of advanced yet very simple techniques.

The TM-Sidhis create even greater neurological co-ordination and coherence, culturing the ability to think and act from the transcendent. Thoughts and actions projected from this profound level of existence are infinitely more powerful and have the potential for maximum success in minimum time. They create waves of coherence that have a positive influence on collective consciousness, called The Maharishi Effect.

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During the first stages of Yogic Flying the body lifts up and moves forward in short hops. Internally, the experience is accompanied by feelings of exhilaration, expanded awareness, lightness, inner freedom and ‘bubbling bliss’, with these qualities carrying over into daily life.

Maximum brain wave coherence & lift off during Yogic Flying

Yogic flying

Brain wave coherence

Start your journey to higher states of consciousness with the TM-Sidhis

Part 1: Learn TM-Sidhis (3 long weekends)

Weekend 1; Thursday 28 April – 1 May
Weekend 2; Thursday 26 – 29 May 
Weekend 3; Thursday 23 – 26 June

Part 2: Yogic Flying (2 weeks)

22 July – 5 August

  • Ensuite B&B will be available amongst various other accommodation options. Standard fees will be based on standard accommodation staying with a local Meditator.

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