A Q&A with David Hughes about Transcendental Meditation

and how it can benefit your physical and mental health

About the Town, March 2023

“There’s a large Transcendental Meditation -TM- centre on the north side of Skelmersdale, and the successful Maharishi Free School on the edge of town has a couple of short TM sessions each day for pupils and staff. Hundreds of people from all walks of life in Skelmersdale have learned TM over the years – but what exactly is it?

“ TM is a simple, effortless way to ‘dive within,’ to experience an ocean of pure consciousness, pure creativity, pure knowingness. It’s a unique experience, but also very familiar – it’s your own Self.”
– film maker David Lynch.

“(TM) is the ultimate work tool to me. It’s like you have a phone and someone hands you the charger and you go ‘just try plugging this in and watch what your phone will do now.”
– Jerry Seinfeld

“Stress is a contributory cause of many illnesses. It is often regarded as the modern epidemic. Good rest is a natural way for the body to maintain good health. TM gives extra deep rest and is highly recommended for its life-enhancing values.”
– Dr William Weir, Consultant, Infectious Diseases.

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“What a gift... the ability to live our lives better, fuller, effortlessly.”
Seiod Ni Laoire

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