Retreat arrivals days are always very exciting times for both our guests and all staff. We warmly await your arrival, whether you are coming for a day or a month!
You will receive a welcome pack before being shown around the Dome. This will contain the address of where you are staying, the times of your retreat and some health and safety information.


All guests to the Dome will be greeted when you get here. If it is your first time visiting us we will give you a tour of the building before showing you to your accommodation. Many of our guests will choose to stay with one of our meditating families close by, others will opt to stay in one of our carefully selected hotels. And you can, of course, make your own arrangements. Please see our accommodation section for more information. If you are staying close by, we will take you to where you are staying and introduce you to your host.

Arrival times

The arrival time for your retreat is flexible to suit your travels plans, although it is advised you arrive during the afternoon from around 2pm onwards. This will give us time to show you around and answer any questions you may have. We understand that you might arrive later in the day due to work commitments or longer travel, so please let us know your estimated arrival and we will make sure to save you some supper if you are running late! You may wish to arrive earlier in the day so, if this is the case, please let us know and if you have chosen local accommodation we can inform your host. Occasionally guests request to arrive a day early so they can settle in, or to stay an extra day before going home. These options are available, so please contact us to arrange extra time on your stay.

What happens next…

Some courses may start with a group meditation from 5pm, but we will update you regarding the start times. Once we have shown you around the Dome and taken you to your accommodation, we will then welcome you to the Dome dining room for supper, which is usually served at 7pm.

This is followed by an orientation meeting with your course leader and fellow course participants. During this meeting the schedule for your retreat will be explained, and any questions you may have about the retreat content can be asked at this time.

Confirmation email & Questions

Details of arrival time and accommodation will also be in a confirmation email you will receive after booking your chosen course. If you have any questions please contact us in the office and we will be happy to help.