Course Leaders

The Dome benefits from the experience of many course leaders.

You may recognise some faces below. For those who haven’t had the chance to visit us you can rest assured you will be in good hands. All course leaders are qualified Transcendental Meditation teachers who nurture and guide all our guests while here on a course.

Most retreats will have more than one TM Teacher leading, plus another who will give an asana (simple yoga postures) demonstration.

Occasionally we fly additional course leaders to the UK to assist or run courses here in the Dome. Usually this is for an advanced course such as the TM Sidhi programme. We’ve even had a Prince fly in as guest speaker!

The people who make it happen

Dr Peter Warburton
Dr Warburton currently oversees the Transcendental Meditation® organization in several countries, including the UK, Bulgaria, UAE, and Zambia. He has a Master’s Degree in social and political sciences from Cambridge University and a doctorate in Supreme Political Science from Maharishi University of World Peace.
Maharishi, with whom Dr Warburton worked closely for 35 years, personally trained him to offer courses in Total Knowledge, which present the full range of Maharishi’s knowledge in a delightful manner that requires no special prerequisite other than practising Transcendental Meditation.
In more normal times, Dr Warburton travels extensively to teach Maharishi’s Total Knowledge in many parts of the globe. These courses are in great demand internationally – from Australasia, to Asia, to Europe, and to North America.

Angela Landers
Angela studied Consciousness-based Healthcare at MIU in 2003 and became a teacher of TM in 2005.  She has been running the Glasgow TM Centre since 2007.  She became a teacher of the Advanced Techniques of TM in 2019.

Margaret Farrand
Margaret became inspired to learn Transcendental Meditation as a young girl of 10 when, together with her parents, she heard Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the radio and then later heard him speak again on television. The opportunity to learn TM came when she was a student at university studying English Literature. For many years Margaret worked in business and industry and had a career as a contracts manager.
Qualifying as a teacher of TM in 1994 she has taught all ages from young children to people in their 90s.

William Marriott
I grew up in Skelmersdale and as a child attended the Maharishi School. I learned to meditate when I was 4 and have always greatly appreciated the sense of peace and groundedness that my daily meditation practice brings me. After graduating from University with a Physics degree, I trained to become a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and helped to run a successful TM Center in Glasgow. I now teach Science at the Maharishi School. It gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction to see the benefits that TM can bring to young people.

David Hughes
David has been teaching Transcendental Meditation since 1975. He lives in Skelmersdale and runs public and corporate TM courses in Manchester. Since 2012 he has worked with the David Lynch Foundation, which provides free TM courses to victims of traumatic stress, including war veterans with PTSD, the homeless, people in drug & alcohol rehabilitation, and prisoners. David is also editor of the Transcendental Meditation News magazine.

Janet Ayliffe
Janet became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1982 and, together with her husband, taught TM in the south of England. Since moving to Skelmersdale in 1983, she has been teaching in the Northwest.
Janet has taught TM to many people from every area of life and has been very involved with the Maharishi School from the beginning – teaching school teachers, parents and children to meditate. Janet has two grown up sons who also attended Maharishi School.

Henry Brighouse
After receiving his diploma in Architecture at the AA school in London Henry became a TM teacher in 1973 and taught TM in Central London. Between 1977 and 1979 he co-ran the Hong Kong TM Centre travelling in the Far East with Maharishi during that time. He spent 10 years with Maharishi’s Purusha group (for single men) and joined the Armenian TM teaching project for a year in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Henry married in 1992, teaching TM with his wife Sally in the Cotswolds and Scotland until 2012, where he continues to be involved with the Edinburgh Maharishi Peace Palace building project. Since moving to Skelmersdale Henry and Sally have been involved with knowledge programmes in the Dome.

Will Ayliffe

Will has been a TM teacher since 1979 teaching Transcendental Meditation in London, Bournemouth and Skelmersdale. He has lived at the Maharishi Dome community since 1983 and with his wife Janet has run the local TM Centre.  Will and Janet have for many years been course leaders for weekend courses and day courses and also are also coordinators for Advanced Techniques and Sidhi Courses. Will has also been a course leader for many SCI courses. He and Janet have two sons who both attended the Maharishi School in Skelmersdale.