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Throughout its history, the Maharishi Dome has mainly depended on members and generous supporters for its funding. For over 30 years, the Dome has been providing a coherence-creating centre, a community lively in all aspects of Maharishi’s knowledge and programmes, a comfortable facility for our members daily group Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme and an outstanding facility for rounding and knowledge courses.

Today, as much as ever, we need your support.

Whether this is a lump sum donation for a special project – like our roof appeal below – or a single or regular donation towards our maintenance and renovation, we really appreciate every donation made be it large or small.

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SPECIAL APPEAL DECEMBER 2021 – Dome roof Lantern replacement


In 2017 we received generous donations of £14,000 for renovation of our Dome roof. At that time the work that needed doing was a complete clean of the roof, repair of rust spots and repainting. At the same time, the Velux windows – a significant weak point for moisture ingress – were completely sealed professionally. Recent inspection has confirmed that this is still in good order and more than adequate. The total cost of the work was £10,000.

However, due to persistent rainwater leakage….

a recent internal inspection has revealed that the entire roof top lantern needs to be replaced as it shows considerable signs of decay (see photos below). This is allowing water to penetrate the Dome roof and trickle down to the nearest point of exit at the Velux windows. We need to do this as soon as possible before further damage to the roof occurs, which will be more difficult and expensive to remedy.

The Plan…

A number of local roofing contractors have been approached to replace the lantern and we have decided upon a contractor who can do the necessary work.

The proposal is to replace the timber structure with a quality and very durable aluminium replica, that will be epoxy powder painted to match the existing timber structure. A new mounting base will be constructed and this together with the dome roof in the immediate vicinity of the lantern, will be re-coated in glass fibre reinforced resin.

The Cost…

The total cost of replacement including the fabrication, fitting and comprehensive sealing of the replacement has now reached around £25,000. The high cost of the replacement is due to a combination of supply chain issues and the high increase in costs of building materials and labour over the course of the last year. The new lantern roof and the roof coating/sealant are premium market leading products, with a 25 year guarantee from the manufacturers.

Just over £4,000 remains uncommitted from the previous appeal and our management team have agreed to top this up from our reserves to £10,000. Our immediate target is therefore to raise £15,000. This will enable us complete the funding in time for the vital final stage of work in March 2022.

Your donations are much needed to help us ensure the Maharishi Dome remains a vibrant and comfortable centre for Maharishi’s knowledge and programmes for many years to come.

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