Dome team


Rebecca Lees  – Dome adminstrator

Rebecca is local to Skelmersdale and learnt TM in 1984. Before joining the Dome office team, she worked in the office at Maharishi School for 15 years, whilst her daughters were pupils there. She likes walking and is a keen gardener.

Jo Cross – Dome and course office manager

Jo learnt TM in 2013 and quickly went on to learn the TM Sidhi course and thoroughly enjoys being part of the Dome team. She enjoys spending quality time with her precious daughter and travelling. Loves peace and tranquillity!

Diane Jedrczak – Administration officer

Diane learnt TM in 1976 while studying Psychology at Lancaster University. After completing a PhD, Diane became involved full-time in Maharishi’s movement, becoming a teacher and teaching TM to over a 1000 people in Scotland and Wales. Diane moved to the Maharishi Dome community in 1999 when it was time for her son, Jonathan, to start Maharishi School. Since then she has enjoyed working as an administrator for the Dome and on various National projects.

Rebecca (Becky) Scott –  bookkeeping

Becky, originally from Liverpool, has over 20 years experience in accountancy and has previously run her own business. She lives with her 2 children and 3 dogs.
In her spare time Becky enjoys holidays with her children and going to the gym where she enjoys pilates and yoga.


Graham Orr – management team

Graham moved to Skelmersdale over 35 years ago inspired by the need to build the Dome as a centre for generating coherence for society.  He has been involved in a number of leadership roles for the project as well as raising a family with children at the Maharishi School and working professionally in software consulting with an international firm started by Meditators. Currently he is also chairman of Maharishi Foundation GB trustees

Chris Codman – management team

Chris moved to Dome community in late 2017, with his wife Sarah after retiring from their private psychotherapy practice in Nottingham. After working in industrial R&D, Chris was a lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. He learned TM in 1977 and became a Sidha 2 years later.

Norma Sullivan – management team

Norma Sullivan is a qualified nurse with experience working in many different areas of health care. She has been a teacher of Transcendental Meditation for 37 years and is a strong supporter of Consciousness-Based Education in the UK, having worked closely with the Maharishi Free School in Lancashire – which has offered CBE for more than 30 years.

Henry Brighouse – management team

After receiving his diploma in Architecture at the AA school in London Henry became a TM teacher in 1973 and taught TM in Central London. Between 1977 and 1979 he co-ran the Hong Kong TM Centre travelling in the Far East with Maharishi during that time. He spent 10 years with Maharishi’s Purusha group (for single men) and joined the Armenian TM teaching project for a year in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Henry married in 1992, teaching TM with his wife Sally in the Cotswolds and Scotland until 2012, where he continues to be involved with the Edinburgh Maharishi Peace Palace building project. Since moving to Skelmersdale Henry and Sally have been involved with knowledge programmes in the Dome.

Janet Ayliffe – management team

Janet became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation in 1982 and together with her husband taught TM in the south of England and since moving to Skelmersdale in 1983, has been teaching in the Northwest ever since.
Janet has taught TM to many people from every area of life and has been very involved with the Maharishi School from the beginning teaching teachers, parents and children to meditate.
Janet has two grown up sons who also attended Maharishi School.