why-it all-began

World peace

Group practice of TM and the advanced TM-Sidhi Programme creates an influence of peace in the surroundings. A group of 9000 in one place can create peace in the whole world.

Community benefits

When 1% of any population practice Transcendental Meditation, crime drops and accidents and hospital admissions decrease.

Creating coherence

Multiple scientific studies demonstrate that practice of TM and the advanced TM-Sidhi programme creates coherence in individual and collective consciousness.

Mental benefits

Research since 1970 shows that Transcendental Meditation (TM) improves mental performance: calmness; clarity; creativity; decision making.

Health benefits

Stress is the root cause of chronic disease and ageing. TM is a natural way to reduce stress, and is compatible with standard medical treatment.

Behavioural benefits

TM improves personal relationships, educational performance, workplace productivity and job satisfaction. It is used in schools, colleges and universities around the world.