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David Hughes reports on the Maharishi School in Skelmersdale In 1980, Maharishi inspired the establishment of projects around the world where people practising the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programme could meditate together in groups, so as to maximise the benefits for themselves and for society. Research had convincingly demonstrated that where at least the square ... jt test

Advanced Courses

Advanced techniques of Transcendental Meditation Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation enrich and deepen the practice of meditation, enhance the benefits and accelerate personal growth and development of higher states of consciousness. They can be learned non-residentially and are taught by a specially trained advanced techniques teacher. Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation course fees from Sept ... Advanced Courses

Day Courses

Day Course in Dome A meditators day course in the dome starts from 9.00am and finishes at 6.00pm. Course participants will enjoy a day of complete rest and rejuvenation beginning with a welcome and explanation of the day. We will be ‘rounding’ together in the morning. This means having a demonstration of a simple, relaxing ... Day Courses